Best foods for stronger bones

  1. Calcium

    Calcium is critical in the teens when bones are solidifying and the body is achieving its peak bone mass. The greater the peak bone mass, the longer one can delay osteoporosis or loss of bone mass at a later age. A lot of adults are affected by osteoporosis and it is one of the leading causes of broken bones in the elderly.

    Calcium rich foods:
    1) Raw Milk
    2) Sardines
    3) Yogurt or Kefir
    4) Cheese

    Plantbased sources of calcium:
    1) Figs
    2) Almonds
    3) Broccoli
    4) Butternut Squash
    5) Kale
    6) Chia Seeds

  2. Magnesium

    Magnesium is an essential mineral for bone formation and for the utilization in calcium. In fact, more than half of the magnesium in the human body is stored in the bones.

    Magnesium rich foods:
    1) Spinach
    2) Pumpkin seeds
    3) Yoghurt
    4) Almonds
    5) Black Beans
    6) Avocado
    7) Figs
    8) Dark Chocolate
    9) Banana
    10) Cashews

    Recipe inspiration: Chili con carne , Miso glazed salmon with avocado mango salsa ,     Strawberry & Fig smoothie , Fig banana spinach smoothie , Raw beetroot tarts

  3. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D can help build bones and it aids in the absorption of calcium.
    You can get vitamin D from sunlight.
    Vitamin D rich foods:
    1) Sardines
    2) Salmon
    3) Mackerel
    4) Raw Milk
    5) Eggs
    6) Mushrooms

    Recipe inspiration: Lentil mushroom salad , Oven roasted salmon

  4. Vitamin K

    Vitamin K helps the body to absorb calcium.
    Vitamin K rich foods:
    1) Celery
    2) Blueberries
    3) Kale
    4) Cabbage
    5) Spinach
    6) Broccoli
    7) Brussels Sprouts
    8) Prunes
    9) Asparagus
    10) Raspberries

Recipe inspiration: Kale popcorn with lemon zest , Blueberry yoghurt braided bread                Pink granola