Quinoa beet salad with kale pepita pesto

Serves 2:

100 g quinoa
3 cooked red beets
1/2 pomegranate seeds
pepper & salt
For the pesto:
15 g pine nuts
15 g pumpkin seeds (pepita)
4 kale leafs
1 clove of garlic
olive oil
juice of 1/2 lemon
pepper & salt

  1. Cook quinoa in water.
  2. Cut the cooked beets in big pieces and bake them in a pan with a little bit of olive oil. Add pepper and salt.
  3. Make the pesto: put nuts, seed, kale, garlic and lemon juice in a blender. Add some olive oil and start blending. While mixing add in the olive oil until you achieve your desired consistency. Season to taste with pepper and salt.
  4. Serve the quinoa with the red beets and finish with the pomegranate seeds and pesto.